Don't buy Salon Favorite Products

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I purchased the Salon Favorite Keratin Treatment for my hair. It is suppose to straighten your hair without using harmful chemicals. The website said you have a 45 day money back guarantee.

So I used the product and I'm not happy with the results I have. My hair isn't as straight as I thought it would be. So I called about the return policy.

They told me they only accept returns on unopened products. So how would I know if I like it if I can't use it. Why would I buy this product and not used, but ask for a refund. That doesn't make any sense. So don't buy this product if you want to try it out, because you will not get your money back if you open it.



Same thing happened to me...they are saying it is not for product bought on sale...but it was offered at a sale price. I did not need a discount code it was the price they were selling it for. I filed a complaint with the BBB.


The companys websites return policy says nothing about unopened products, just that you can not return sale items.

I always read the return policy before purchasing online! Buyers beware!

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